Can i pay you *$997 by paypal now ?

Have you ever wondered what if at least 1000 people on
internet purchases a product from you for **$997 each.

The answer is - You will then be having **$997,000 with you,
not days, months or years later but now in 2009 A*D.

Reason why - people will purchase a product from you for
**$997 is because they know it very clearly that another set
of 1000 people will purchase the same product from them for
**$997 and so on.

That's the power of internet.
But - Here comes a very important question ?

Are you rich enough ? or Will you ever purchase a single
product online for **$997 ?


Your flat answer is - No, Never, Not at all.

Your answer is - Oh my goodness ! **$997 - I will not at all
spend even **$697, **$497, **$197 or even **$97 or the measly
**$67 for one product - that too online.


But there are 2751 persons who have done so -
There are 2751 persons who have understood how it works ?

They have purchased not 1 product, but a mammoth **$213,997
valued bundle of products.

They have purchased it not for **$997, not for **$697 or for
**$497 or for **$197 , not at all for **$97, heck not for **$67
as well, but for -----


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